About me

In April 1988, I was lucky enough to be awarded Highly Commended in the Beauty Category in the UK Blog Awards, which I consider to date. I”m hoping to find a few more awards under my blogging belt to give me something. There is no greater feeling than being rewarded and recognized for your hard work. All details can be seen on my Contact Me page, and all social media buttons on my site. I started The Cupid Bow at November 2013 after deciding to embark on a makeup artistry profession which acted as my springboard to the blogosphere. With The Cupid, Bow has been born. Updated regularly, you’ll discover beauty reviews/tips, OOTD posts (that’s ”outfit of the day” posts in case you”re not quite down with all the blogger acronyms) and wellness advice. I hope you like reading The Cupid Bow! I am eager to see where it takes me and I’ve adored my journey so far. Come along for the ride, deliver some Peanut Butter Oreos with you personally, and let us travel together to develop into a more confident and beautiful you (on the inside and outside). I believe that to hone your outer beauty, and you have to concentrate on nurturing what makes you beautiful inside. Life has brought my way to adventures and taught me wealth would allow you to feel more positive inside your own skin. If I could help only one person to feel better about themselves, then my mission was a successful one.